Watch this video to see why we're crushing on the Changing Tides Foundation team. 

When you love something, you do your best to care for it, right? A shared love of the ocean is what inspired mermaids Becky Mendoza, Leah Dawson, Anna Santoro, Leane Darling, and Jianca Lazarus to team up and create the Changing Tides Foundation, an endeavor which strives to link travelers with social and eco-conscious projects to enhance their journey and ensure they make a positive impact wherever they go. At the heart of every project is the hope of improving the conditions of our oceans, which, as we've reported, are in sad shape. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their wisdom is so easily converted into action (if you don't have a reusable grocery bag, buy one now!), they've inspired us in so many ways. Read on to learn more about the Changing Tides Foundation and how they're shifting the idea of eco travel. 

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