by Becky Mendoza June 26, 2016

When Barney and Kate Miller reached out to me, asking us to host the San Diego Premiere of their long-awaited, highly coveted documentary "You and Me" Film, expressing that they wanted 100% of the premiere's proceeds to go to the Changing Tides Foundation, we were thrilled! 

Barney and Kate have a beautiful and unique story. I first met them 2 years ago when a couple I know told me to come down and meet them at the beach before heading to the Farmer's Market in Encinitas. I arrived at the beach and found an empty wheelchair and a group of surfers helping a disabled surfer catch some waves. I sat on the beach with my friend and met Kate, who explained that her boyfriend, Barney, was a surfer who had been left paraplegic after a terrible car accident several years before and that the boys take him surfing on the weekends. The "boys" included Professional Surfers Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherly, Leigh Sedley and a few more awesome surfers from the community. Kate explained that she and Barney live in Australia but that they spend summers in the states so that Barney could attend rehab at Project Walk. Thereafter, we went to the Farmer's Market (or the Lettuce Festival, as our other friend called it), and that was the birth of our lasting friendship. Thereafter, we attended events, lunches, concerts and even surfed together. I also ran the inaugural Red Bull Wings For Life World Run with Kate in Barney's honor, in support of finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

The following summer, Barney invited a group of us to a Padres baseball game, where Kate was singing the national anthem. He proposed to her during the game. His goal was to be able to stand and dance with Kate at their wedding. They were married just last year.

The whole time I have known Barney and Kate, they have been filming a documentary, telling their story, and Barney has been relentless in his quest to walk again. Barney is as strong and fearless as they come. To Barney, no means go! Kate has has realized her dreams as well and has flourished into an amazing singer, releasing an album and performing several live shows. Watching their journey has been such an inspiration to me, personally, but watching this film which tells their story from before the beginning, was such a culmination in understanding them as individuals and as a couple. Their story is riveting and captivating, and teaches us all major lessons about perspective, strength, perseverance and overcoming the obstacles that life puts in front of us. 

You can watch the trailer here.

Here is a snippet of Barney and Kate talking about the film and premiere on the local news CW6!

And so, we hosted the Encinitas premiere with over 200 people in attendance, which included professional athletes and personalities, and a raffle which included a SUPERBrand Surfboard, which was actually won by Kate Miller, then auctioned off to the audience. All in all, the event raised over $1,100.00 to benefit Changing Tides Foundation. We were so honored and humbled by the community's support.

Go out and purchase YOU AND ME on itunes.


Becky Mendoza
Becky Mendoza