Featured Artist: Elena Grib

by Becky Mendoza March 02, 2020

Words by Katie La Licata

As Changing Tides Foundation continues to grow and expand, we are finding ourselves connecting with incredible people and embarking upon the most exciting projects and collaborations. This story we are sharing with you today is exactly that. Today we launch the second edition of the Featured Artist Series, printed on Jungmaven hemp x cotton T shirts. This piece titled "Love your Mother" symbolizes our love for Mother Earth and our commitment to protect her.


This vision of creating with purpose and connecting with nature and others, are exactly the qualities that attracted our featured artist, Elena Grib, to us. She found our website online about a year ago and resonated so much with our message that she contacted us and wanted to contribute her artistic talents, which was the birth of this incredible collaboration. Her fluid relationship with life and nature is effortlessly displayed in the shape and style of her art. We are proud to present to you Elena Grib and her custom CTF design for this limited edition Love Your Mother T shirt.

We sat down with Elena for some Q & A’s. Here’s a bit more insight into this lovely woman and what inspires her to draw, live, travel and connect with the world around her.

Location: Morocco (at the moment)

Occupation: Artist

Favorite Wave: Long, smooth, clean and friendly

Instagram: @oh_ocean

Q.What do you hope to inspire with your art?

A. Everything around me! Surrounding myself with the most inspiring, kind and lovely human beings, beautiful things around, ocean and nature! 

But this is just the tip... I believe that inspiration comes from inside of you, not outside. It’s a magic moment when you are blessed and be able to express yourself in different media!


Q. Show us your favorite pieces 


Q. What are your top 3 favorite places to travel and why?

A. Love some breaks in Peniche, Portugal 

Morocco, Imsouane (Bay)

And of course Bali perfect breaks!

My fav charming place is Bali! Love every aspect about this island!

Elena Grib is as a  talented, brave, genuine, compassionate bright light. Her passion towards doing good is reflected by her involvement within the local communities where she lives and her dedication to creating organic, small scale productions of apparel and art. Some of the first surf art she made was drawing on used fins while she was living in Portugal. And from there, her ability to integrate nature, and sustainability and art began to flourish. You can find her website here.

You can shop our Love Your Mother T-shirts here. 100% of proceeds benefit CTF's programs.

If you like what you see so far, stay tuned. We’ll have a new design and female artist to celebrate next month.

Becky Mendoza
Becky Mendoza


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