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by Becky Mendoza August 04, 2020



As our world learns to live with COVID-19 and the challenges it presents, our journey’s have shifted to one with home-time abundance with a mix of confusion, the challenge to squander fear, and for many, a heightened sense of hygiene and microscopic cleanliness.  

We at Changing Tides Foundation collaborate with brands whose products and missions align with ours, for the betterment of our communities, our health and the planet.  

During this pandemic especially, we are seeking out things that make us feel safer from the virus: non-toxic, respectfully and wholesomely produced.

The new societal norm of using alcohol-based products have left our hands feeling dry and unhappy.  So, when our friends at ACTIVE SKIN REPAIR released their new Antimicrobial Hydrogel, we were thrilled to have a product that is hydrating, using the same non-toxic, medical-grade ingredient that we have been getting great results from for the past few years. The Active Antimicrobial Hand & Face product is a hydrogel spray that uses a proprietary, doctor-recommended and clinically proven formulation of HOCI. HOCI is the magic molecule naturally produced by our bodies to heal themselves. It has now become our favorite cleansing tool during this wild time, and not just for our hands, but also for our faces!  As we battle against an invisible enemy that spreads orally, keeping our hands clean is good practice, but keeping our faces clean is real defense!

Like their wound healing products this Antimicrobial Hand & Face formulation checks all the right boxes:
+ Natural
+ Non-Toxic
+ Antibitoic-free
+ No-Sting
+ Biodegradable ingredients




Our friends and 1% for the Planet partners, BLDG Active, are the commercial outlet of this medical-grade gel, Active Skin Repair, that is being used in hospitals all over the the world for wound cleaning and healing.  

BLDG Active, the makers of Active Skin Repair on fast-track for EPA approval

While originally formulated as a natural, non-toxic, and antibiotic-free wound care spray for athletes to speed healing and reduce infection (which it still is), what got us super stoked is its use as a doctor-recommended, face-safe, antimicrobial spray that packs a one-two punch keeping your skin free of harmful microorganisms while supporting the skin's natural healing mechanisms against cuts, insect bites, sunburns and more. 

So during this time, Active has become a highly useful tool for sanitizing at home and on the go,  and it's all anyone here at CTF is using!  We’re thrilled that ACTIVE will be giving our CTF community a 20% discount code, and then donating a portion of all proceeds to Changing Tides Foundation! 

To redeem your discount and learn more about ACTIVE click here, be sure to enter the discount code CTF20 at check out for 20% off! 

We caught up with our friends at ACTIVE to answer some pertinent questions..

So, we’re learning viral defense is not just about having clean hands.  How do I protect my face, the virus’s target region?

Alcohol based hand sanitizer is simply way too toxic and harsh for your face, I certainly do not want my face looking how my hands currently do. Which is why we’re so excited to be able to provide our community access to this product.

Antimicrobial Hand & Face checks all the health conscious boxes of being natural, non-toxic and antibiotic-free that can be used on both your hands but most importantly your face. As a medical-grade solution that's safe to use around your mouth, nose, ears, and eyes, it couldn’t have come at a better time...

Especially with us all starting to wear masks in public. Before I touch my mask to take it off, is the ideal time to spray Active all around you face and on your mask before you touch it.  We are also finding the spray is helping with the skin irritations wearing a mask all day long creates. 

How does it work?

The active ingredient is HOCI, a molecule naturally produced by our bodies to fight infection and promote healing. In 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved products whose main active ingredient is hypochlorous acid (HOCl) for use in treating wounds and various infections in humans and pets, this is not only clean but a new technology as well.

In a recent study, a solution with pure hypochlorous acid was shown to reduce the bacterial load significantly without altering the diversity of bacterial species on the eyelids. After 20 minutes of treatment, there was >99% reduction (no one can claim 100%) of the Staphylococci bacteria.

Where did it come from?

BLDG was started by a of couple action and outdoor enthusiast friends (you may have met them at events like Xterra or GoPro Mtn Games, WSL comp’s, or Iron man’s over the last 3 years) and was recently acquired, becoming the new consumer division for their supplier who makes HOCl products for the medical industry used today by hospital's around the country for wound care.

How much is it?

While the price seems steep ($30 per bottle + your 20% discount!), you get 500 pumps from each bottle, which should last one person about 100 days.  Keep in mind that you might initially be purchasing this for current pandemic uses but it also functions the same way Neosporin, Peroxide, Betadine, Aloe, After Itch (insect bites), Balmex, Hippacleanse etc. does - MULTINFUNCTIONAL

How do I use it?

First I spray it on my hands then I spray it on my face. I use one spray per hand and then use 4 to 5 sprays on my face. You will be tempted to rub it around your face, it is a natural reflex from years of applying sunscreen, don't do this. Don't touch your face after spraying.  Within 15 seconds everything you were worried about will have been handled and it will then be safe to rub in.

Will it work for Covid-19 virus?

Nothing can actually say it will work for COVID-19, including the hand sanitizers we have all been using, since nothing has been tested specifically on COVID.  That said we have been told that Hospital workers are spraying it liberally on themselves as they remove PPE in the hospital. It is a proven anti-microbial and antimicrobials are substances—natural or synthetic—that slow or kill the growth of any microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. HOCl is a known natural antimicrobial and functions as a preservative within Active hydrogel.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids and anyone of all ages for use anywhere on the body.

When can I get it?

Redeem your 20% Discount (CTF20) and learn more about ACTIVE click here.



Becky Mendoza
Becky Mendoza


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