by Becky Mendoza May 10, 2017

The First-Ever CTF Plastic Swear Jar Challenge Was A Huge Success! 

For those of you who missed it, on Earth Day we launched the first-ever Plastic Swear Jar Challenge, you can learn more about the challenge here. For 7 days, hundreds of people across the globe announced their participation, kept track of their “swears”, and shared their progress using the #PlasticSwearJar tag on social media. Those participating included top female athletes in surf, snowboard and wakeboard such as: Stephanie Gilmore, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Elena Hight, Robin Van Gyn, Helen Schettini, Rosy Hodge, Leah Dawson, Rochelle Ballard, Dax McGill, Samantha Sibley, Liz Clark, Lea Brassy, Bec Gange and Sian Hurst and more. All of these athletes created their jars, kept track, posted on social media and have since donated the funds to our PSJ fundraiser.
It was incredible to see the participation and support of the challenge on a global scale. It has shown us that so many people are ready to step up to the plate to make a change and start paying more attention to our single-use plastic consumption. The challenge was not about perfection, it was about awareness. Collectively, it made us realize that so much of what we consume is unnecessarily wrapped in plastic. It adds up quick, but the challenge served its purpose. We are paying more attention! Thank you so much to all who participated and donated! If you haven't yet, you can donate here.

We have since set up a Plastic Swear Jar Challenge Bundle which includes: CTF x Mizu V8 Insulated Water Bottle, CTF x Togo Ware Bamboo Utensil Set, CTF x Simply Straws Mason Jar and Glass Straw Combo; and CTF x Bagito Reuseable Bag with Stuff Sack to set you up for success on your challenge!

We plan to do several more group challenges throughout the year, with our next one starting sometime in August, yet we encourage others to start their own challenges, setting their own start and end dates.
The Plastic Swear Jar Challenge is a fun family, in-office and community game, giving people an opportunity to create healthy competition with others and see how they progress on reducing their use of single-use plastics. Awareness is the catalyst to change and together we have the power to create change because together we are better.
Make sure you let us know when you start your challenge by tagging #PlasticSwearJar and @changingtidesfoundation on social media!

Becky Mendoza
Becky Mendoza