by Becky Mendoza October 20, 2018

Midterm elections in the US are right around the corner and it's time for us to exercise our right to vote. If you're like us, you want to be well-educated about the candidates you vote for and have a good idea of what they stand for. With so much information flying around Facebook and the web, non-stop texts, calls and ads coming in the mail saying vote for him, vote for her, vote "yes" on this, "no"on that, it's hard to decipher what exactly the truth is and what aligns with our values.

At CTF, we respect everyones opinions and everyones points of view, regardless of who you vote for. Being an environmentally inspired organization, we are inclined to vote for candidates that place our environment, our public lands, oceans, marine life and wildlife at the forefront of their campaigns. More than anything, we want everyone to research both sides, regardless of whether there is a D or R or anything else next to their names on the ballot, and make truly educated decisions about their candidates and propositions. 


Video Courtesy of Blue Uprising

Here are some great resources and guides we've found: 

Visit to check your voter registration status and register to vote.

Visit to put in your address and see what your local ballot looks like and to get to know the candidates and issues in unbiased way.

For a comprehensive, by-state voter guide and look into those that hold the environment as a priority, visit Protect Our Winters Action Fund (POWAF) to download a voter guide specific to your location by putting in your address. 

Blue Uprising is fighting for candidates who are ready to fight for the oceans. Their I surf. I vote. campaign encourages surfers to vote to protect our playground.

For California, you can see the California League of Conservation Voters picks on conservation-geared props and candidates here.

For Hawaii, you can visit the office of elections here and check out who the Sierra club of Hawaii is endorsing locally here.

Floridians, check out Bull Sugar's voter guide here, highlighting candidates who are prioritizing the environment and have pledged to work to eliminate the toxic-algae blooms that have wreaked havoc on Florida's rivers, oceans, marine and wildlife.

For more information by-state visit League of Conservations Voters to get lists by state of who they believe are the best candidates for conservation. 

Have any other good voter resources? Feel free to send us a message!


Becky Mendoza
Becky Mendoza