by Becky Mendoza January 24, 2017


Why the Women's March was Effective

Words by Leah Dawson // Photos by Jianca Lazarus and Leah Dawson


I've never felt so comfortable in a large group of people as I did the day millions of women and men around the world brought their hearts to the Women’s March.  I marched in Honolulu with grandmas, women, men, moms and dads, and so many kids. My spirit felt so connected to the vibration around the world. 673 sister marches, all with love and peace.   


I felt united with everyone around me, mostly because everyone was smiling at each other...Something we don’t commonly see in big groups of people.  


Our reason for being there was no reason to smile, we all knew that, but when respect is at the core of what you’re pleading for, it goes without saying, treat others how you want to be treated.   


I hugged so many strangers that day.  As people bumped into one another, they smiled at each other instead of scowled, strangers became friends, open hearts were everywhere.


And so it went, all around the world.


Chile, Iraq, Ghana, Budapest, Madagascar- you name it, in every continent, blazing hot, dumping rain, or freezing cold, women, men, and children came out in numbers, with signs of unrest, and hearts of love.  


I met a woman who marched for our rights decades ago, “I’m here again, now with my cain.  I can’t march, but I’m going to cheer you on from here.”  


Speeches gave us that feeling of rising passion in our veins, crowds cheered, fists raised in the air.  In Honolulu, we sang Bob together, the chant of  "Stand Up For Our Rights” reverberates in my mind. 


But Nobody said it was going to be easy. 


After the crowds receded, we reflect, and dream about what happens next.


The President responded by eliminating International Planned Parenthood funding his first monday in office.  And domestic funding is already being prepped for the chopping block. The DAPL is being pushed through with grins on money faces, and tears in those who care about clean water and the earth.  The people in the highest positions of power in the United States have a clear agenda to further divide us, in effort makes us less powerful, and allow them to go along playing monopoly with the planet and its people.  


But this is exactly the power of what we all did together on Saturday: 

SO many of us came together, millions of us showed up.  This is Essential for the future. The feeling of togetherness is incredibly powerful, especially when it is felt between women.   


Women have been socially taught for generations to compete with each other instead of come together.  Women have faced suppression for thousands of years.  Whether sexually, emotionally, physically, women have faced abuse by men.  In unison on Saturday, women roared from every corner of the world, that we’ve had Enough.  


Women are reawakening all across our planet, with an understanding that through love and togetherness, exists the power to create change.  This brought us together by the masses.


Our change won’t come in the form of bills being passed in our favor at this stage, our change will come in our daily activities, in our daily choices of how we spend our money, the news we listen to, what we choose to believe, our teachers, our parenting, our conscious evolution, our growing awareness.


Harmony is beautiful, lets keep using our voices together.



Becky Mendoza
Becky Mendoza