Professional Paddler and Businesswoman

Leane Elizabeth Darling is driven by passion. Leane grew up in South Florida raised by her adventurous parents, Ray and Ann. Ray was a sailor when he met his wife, Ann, who at that time was a flight attendant. Both parents have always wondered why Leane likes to travel so much. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Leane grew up with two older brothers, Ramie and Kris, and three older half siblings, Cullen, Kathy and Laura. All of the kids constantly spent time in the ocean or the pool, learning to swim before walking. Leane is the youngest of all of her siblings and was born after her father, Ray, had gotten a vasectomy. Leane has learned how to push through and persevere since before she even knew it. Thanks for the challenge, Dad.

Leane attended Westminster Academy receiving athletic and academic honors and was awarded athlete of the decade for her high school from 2000-2010. She went on to swim at Southern Methodist University where she received her BA at the Cox School of Business in Real Estate Finance and a minor in Spanish. The only thing keeping Leane sane in the middle of a state where no ocean was nearby was her swim team and the pool. She dove into athletics for those four years earning 9 All-American honors, qualifying for the Olympic Trial Swim Meet and working as captain of the NCAA top 20 ranked SMU Mustangs.

After graduating from SMU and retiring from her swimming career Leane began to feel the freedom to travel. She has traveled to Spain, Norway, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Peru, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica. These travels opened up her eyes even more to the possibility of following your passion. Through her travels Leane fell in love with the cultures and the ability to speak to more people in the world by learning another language. When given the opportunity to return to school in order to receive a Master's Degree Leane chose to study Spanish Literature with a focus on Cultural Studies rather than work towards an MBA.

Leane’s resume is diverse: she has worked in marketing with Adidas, commercial real estate in downtown Honolulu, has taught Spanish at the high school and University level at UH Manoa, has coached swimming from beginner to collegiate and currently reps a swimwear brand called Jolyn with roommate and CTF co-founder, Anna Santoro, and sells residential real estate on the North Shore of Oahu. The uniting factor about her work has always been the intention to involve her passions: people and community, culture and language, and water.

Leane’s first taste of sharing giving back was on a Medical Missions trip to Honduras with her Uncle Don who is a retired surgeon. Leane acted as translator for her uncle. The lasting impact this trip has had on Leane has affected her life in a profound way. The gratifying work of enabling over 500 people to communicate to someone in order to receive care is unforgettable and that’s why together with Becky, Leah, Jianca and Anna, Leane feels that Changing Tides Foundation can have a profound impact on the current world travelers’ mission and purpose. I hope to work together with the amazing team of humans we have at CTF to unite travelers and enable them to help; because together we are better.

INSTAGRAM: @ledarling